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Hi all. As an owner of a xolo for about 2 years now, I was doing my random google search for xolo related info (which there's very little of) and ran across a thread from 2008 on here asking about the breed. Before 2 years ago or so, I'd never even heard of the breed. I adopted my Carlos then from a local pet shelter my daughter was volunteering at. He had heart worms, an unknown history, and was guessed to be 4 years old. He spent an entire day hugging my daughter and I couldn't say no. I adopted him, brought him home.. and in the last 2 years he became my soul mate dog. He still thinks my daughter is cool, but I'm his heart and he is mine. I've owned many dogs, but I have to say this dog is THE dog of my life. I'm a Xolo fanboy now, but I can tell you they're not for everyone. I want the breed to survive and thrive and get the word out on their behalf. I didn't want to necro that thread, but ask me about them and I'll answer!

Anyway, turns out he was at best 6 months old when i got him (He's grown quite a bit since then) and survived and thrived after a tough heartworm treatment.
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