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I'm Allen, 26 y/o living in the chicago suburbs and after losing (to natural causes) my long time dog of 16 years last November decided to get another dog this past weekend and now have Mercy (mercedes). I adopted her from a no-kill shelter not far from my home and they think she is 7-8 months old. She looks like a mix between an Amstaff and chocolate lab. She's about 40 lbs now and her vet said today that she'll probably get to around 50lbs.

I decided to joint the forum because my last dog was such an easy going guy and just naturally figured out the routine and carried on swimingly. Mercy is a little different of a story, the only command she's mastered is sit, but we are working others. She's a bundle of energy.

I'll probably be reading around and as questions come up, I'll ask them in the appropriate areas.

Thanks for reading! - A

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