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Hello again and update on Scout....

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I posted here several months ago about Scout my approx 6 yr old black cocker mix who was losing weight.
I attested this mostly to there being another dog{stray}introduced in the house around the same time as he started losing weight but lately his fur has been lifeless and dry and well as thinned out in some areas.
The vet did a CDC count which was perfectly normal and a T-4 test which gave a low result of 2.0
He was prescribed thyro tabs at 0.2 mg per day once a day.
He has been on them 4 days and seems to be in better spirits and the dry skin already looks to have improved slightly{i started him on vitamins the same day}.
His normal weight is 18-19 lbs and when he went for the lab work he weighted 13.8 lbs.
He seems to be eating better but still seems intimidated to eat around the newer dog so i have been feeding him by himself and he eats approx 3/4 to 1 cup of food a day.
Ive been looking into supplements to help him gain weight quicker and heard of something called nutri cal and also someone recommended satin/meat balls.
I have to take him back for a check up in 30 days and hope that hes gained at least a tad bit of weight back before then.
Any thoughts on nutra-cal or can you recommend any weight gainers?
Thank you!
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Satin Balls for putting weight on! They really do work - here's a recipe for them.

Ive got some Nutri Cal high calorie nutrional support as well as some vitamins to help him back on his feet.
It wouldnt hurt to give him vitamins and nutri cal at the same time would it?
It depends on what's in both. Some vitamins are water soluble, meaning if you get more than you need, you pee out the excess. Vitamin E, and some others, are fat soluble, which means excess builds up in the body and quickly becomes toxic.

I'm glad your dog is getting better. There's a sheltie at our local dog park that was looking awful for the last few months and it turned out to be his thyroid. He started looking significantly better in a matter of weeks.
I found this chart online....

I guess A,D,E and K are fat soluble.
Judging by the chart ive posted and reading the labels on his food as well as the nutri cal and vitamins hes not getting anything close to being at the toxic level.
His coat and skin already seem to be improving altho hes only been on the meds for 6 days.
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