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Heeler mix companion

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Hey everyone! I have a heeler aussie mix. He is the biggest baby ever. He cries for everything and has had bad anxiety ever since he was a baby. We think he was left alone as a puppy and now has some issues. Im thinking about getting him a companion to help the anxiety. Is there anyone with experience with this? Is this a good idea? And what breed would you pair with an anxious heeler aussie mix?
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Risky move. Some dogs will like some other dogs and seriously dislike others. I had a dog that disliked dogs in general, though she could learn to tolerate (barely) one that we spent a lot of time with. There are few things sadder than having two dogs that just don't get along and having to be separated forever. And, no offense intended, but some heelers are really obnoxious toward other dogs, who don't actually enjoy being herded.

Conventional wisdom is get a second dog if YOU want one - not as a companion for the first dog. That is YOUR job. If you DO decide to get a second dog, try to arrange a meet-and-greet first.
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