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Heartworm prevention schedules

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I know seasonal heartworm prevention relies upon typical weather, since heartworms can only survive in weather that is consistently above 55 degrees for some period of time (correct me if I am misrepresenting this). The schedule for my area is June-November. But since we've had a pretty mild winter, should I be amending this schedule in any way for the best protection? Any information or opinions on this are greatly appreciated.
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This is one of the reasons I just give it year round. When to start and stop isn't something I want to spend my mental energy on.
For those of you who don't give it year round -- are you worried about intestinal parasites? Do you worm monthly with another product? That's my main reason for 12 months of Interceptor. If there's another option I'd be very interested.
It's not a primary concern of mine, although I don't mind the protection (such as it is). Honestly it's just that our weather has been changing over the years and I don't want to futz around with thinking about "when are the mosquitoes going to stop/start THIS year?" every year or, god forbid, screw up my assessment/prediction. With how late we have had warm weather the last several years, it got to the point where I was only skipping a couple of months anyway. Such an easy and safe thing to prevent, my dogs tolerate the medications just fine, so why not.
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