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Heartworm prevention schedules

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I know seasonal heartworm prevention relies upon typical weather, since heartworms can only survive in weather that is consistently above 55 degrees for some period of time (correct me if I am misrepresenting this). The schedule for my area is June-November. But since we've had a pretty mild winter, should I be amending this schedule in any way for the best protection? Any information or opinions on this are greatly appreciated.
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I'm probably just get her tested soon then and start her up again right away. In your average normal year here there really are many months where there isn't much point because it's far too cold for insects, much less mosquitos actually carrying heartworms. This has definitely not been a typical year, though so I guess I'll just play it safe the best I can.
Of course I have her tested yearly like any other dog. Luckily I most likely won't have to worry about whether or not to skip the winter months in the future, since I will be moving to Texas before winter comes around again. I'll definitely be keeping her on it year-round there! Thanks for the opinions, folks.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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