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Today my 17 year old cat was killed by our two dogs and I am totally heartbroken. The cat and dog really didn't have much contact with each other, but I never thought this would happen. Now my boyfriend wants to get rid of the dogs because he says they are vicious. They have never been that way with people. We have only had the dogs for about a year, and they are now 1 years old. (Old Enghlish Bulldogges) :(
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Oh no...I'm so sorry about your kitty :( Thats horrible!

My ferret got out of his recovery cage after his surgery last month. My rabbit had the first floor to run around in and well Ferrets eat rabbits. I was devastated, but its what ferrets do. I couldn't and wouldn't get mad at Drake for doing whats in his nature. Same with dogs. Some just can't be around cats, and I'm guessing thats why you had them separated. It was nobody's fault, accidents happen, no matter how much they hurt.

They've never been that way with people, so they are not "bad" dogs. Give it some time and wait before making any disisions.
Right now its still freash in your mind. I had Snowball (my bunny) for 9 years. It was such a shock that I had trouble looking at Drake (my ferret) for a few days. I just couldn't believe that my calm, beautiful boy that has never bit and I couldn't switch to a raw diet, could kill my equally beautiful bunny. I know it wasn't his fault, and I can sorta joke about it now. But it does hurt.

You had Cuddles for 17 long years, and there is no way you can get over this in one day. Or even 10! But you really have to try not to blame your dogs. They are going to sense that they did something "bad" off of you and do need you right now as well. I'll be thinking of you and Cuddles tonight :(
What I am getting at, is that I feel you are more of a cat person then a dog person and wondering what you expected or were hoping for when you changed to dogs?
I don't really agree or understand what you mean by that. Just because someone is upset over the death of their cat, doesn't make them more of a cat person. And just because she now has two dogs doesn't mean she's "Changed" to dogs.

And I completely agree with Darkmoon.
I'm sorry but that response seems callus and uncaring. What this lady needs right now is sympathy and empathy, not opinions froma stranger on her pet status. it happens to the best of us, animals are animals and can do animal things, the cat hardly sounded like the ideal feline to socialise puppies with and preferred a solitary lifestyle. They didn't know him and he them, and so it led to a horrid and emotionally painful ending. The dogs are not to blame and the cat is not to blame, and you guys are not to blame. When we bring animals into our world we have to be prepared for them to occasionally regress to their natural instinct, no matter how horrific it may be (it has happened to most of us, i'm sure, be it annoying behaviour to extremely terrible) Now that you are aware of your dogs dislike for it's feline brethren I would perhaps seek professional advice on what to do, so that a neighbours cat does not come to the same fate. But for now I am truly sorry about this circumstance and I plead with your boyfriend, not to let his injured emotions influence him into making a hasty and very possibly wrong decision. Again, i'm very sorry.
Thank you. I was to angry yesterday to reply.
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