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Today my 17 year old cat was killed by our two dogs and I am totally heartbroken. The cat and dog really didn't have much contact with each other, but I never thought this would happen. Now my boyfriend wants to get rid of the dogs because he says they are vicious. They have never been that way with people. We have only had the dogs for about a year, and they are now 1 years old. (Old Enghlish Bulldogges) :(
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You have had this cat for seventeen years, and I guess in this time frame your boy friend was not with you from day one with the cats? And did you have any other dogs living with you and the cat during its life with you?

What I am getting at, is that I feel you are more of a cat person then a dog person and wondering what you expected or were hoping for when you changed to dogs? You could have easily had gotten a new kitten for your ageing cat? Anyways, you got some not one but two English bull dogs and I am sure they are not as inexpensive as a cat. And like any dog they are much more dependent on you and look up to you as there world for everything.

If you are the owner of these dogs and your boyfriend can possibly influence your decision to keep these dogs or get rid of them, you are not an ideal prospect to have ownership of a dog. Sorry for being blunt.

You could have tried a miniature or toy doggy breed, now you have two one year old pups that love you and your BF wants to dump them:mad:, I would dump the BF and move on with the dogs. Or if you do not feel anything for the dogs hopefully find them a good home, and keep the BF. I would take them in a heart beat if I did not have my two guys, min schnauzers Doc & Schatzie. JMO, give it a grain of salt.............
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Darkmoon is what I would call a quality dog (lover) person, I could not have said it better!!!
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