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Today my 17 year old cat was killed by our two dogs and I am totally heartbroken. The cat and dog really didn't have much contact with each other, but I never thought this would happen. Now my boyfriend wants to get rid of the dogs because he says they are vicious. They have never been that way with people. We have only had the dogs for about a year, and they are now 1 years old. (Old Enghlish Bulldogges) :(
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Whenever I read something like this I want to get mad and kick the humans.. but you know I am not going to do that. I just am not. You are feeling really bad this happened and, having had two of my cats 14 years and two for 13 years and one for 2 years and my current dog for 2 years and my previous dog for 14 years.. all I can say is I know how much you are suffering over this loss and especially the way it happened.

I am not "more a cat person" or "more a dog person" and I have both. They are different. I used to have horses too. It is not a favor of one over the other. It has to do with longevity of time with you.

I am so very sorry for the painyou are feeling.

The fact that the dogs killed the cat has to do with dogs being dogs. They are not vcious toward people. They can NEVER be trusted around small animals. I would not get rid of the dogs UNLESS you just can't stand them around anymore for what they did. Honestly, they were never trained to know better and they would have killed ANY cat who got in the yard with them (something to remember). This does not mean they would kill a child or a person or try to. It is a different relationship.

My dog lives at peace with my cats but she is never ever left where she can get to them and I am not there.

Ultimately I am glad you have posted this. It is a very sad story but it AGAIN brings home the fact that dogs and cats can get along under supervised circumstances but you can NEVER allow dogs access to other pets in an unsupervised situation. Ever.

When I am not home, my cats are upstairs, no one is down stairs and the dog is in her large crate in the heated furnace room. There are two closed doors, and the crate, between my dog and the cats.

When I am home, the dog and cats are upstairs with me or downstairs with me. If I leave the room (out of sight), the dog is confined to an area upstairs (same when I go to bed).

Again, I feel for your loss. Please explain to your BF that the dogs were being dogs and such an action on their part does not label them as vicious. They probably need more training, but IMO you can never train a dog too much... nothing to do with viciousness. I think he wants to get rid of the dogs to protect your feelings as much as anything.. and that decision needs to be in your hands, not his.

Please understand that I am not bashing you or being callous. You will do enough of that to yourself. My cats have been with me thru a divorce, the loss of my last dog, a BF that I did kick to the curb, 5 job changes, and 6 moves and getting my current dog. Last dog (amy she rest in peace), Current dog and the cats and I are a team. Leasways that is how it seems to work out.
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