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It sounds like you understand the overall diagnosis. I believe that if you talk to a cardiologist who does the procedure, then he believes in it, and will allay your fears. For example, she is young and healthy, so the anesthesia should not be a major issue. One question to ask is what type of restrictions will the pup be under after surgery?

On the other hand, you may be able to find some reputable Vets that do not perform the surgery, and prefer other treatments. This may not be a better or worse approach, but a different approach.

In human medicine, babies can be born with a murmur due to a hole in their heart. This is very different than your circumstance, because it is normal, unrelated to valves, and usually closes after 6 weeks. In a small number of babies, the hole does not close. There are three possible treatments, in my experience: Try a drug that encourages the hole to close naturally; perform surgery immediately or before puberty to close the hole; Or do nothing and watch to see if it resolves itself or if there are symptoms. Different doctors have different approaches, and I don't know if research are shown one method to be best ...

Similarly, Vets may have different experiences and recommendations?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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