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Hello, I've been using oxyfresh water additive and greenies and bark bright treats and my dog still has a strong fishy breath.

I did look into this one called Healthy Mouth

Does anyone have any experience with this water additive? I haven't seen many reviews online just a couple of old youtube videos.

It is kinda expensive so I wanted to get some opinions before I purchase it.

Do you have any other recommendations for products to help with bad fishy breath.

Thank you!

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Has your vet checked your dog for tooth or gum issues, or for anal gland issues? Anal gland secretions have a strong, unpleasant smell many describe as 'fishy', and dogs will lick them if they're very full or irritated. If that's happening, no additive or supplement will help, because the smell is coming from their butt, not their breath. A strong, persistent odor on their breath that doesn't have an obvious cause (like poop eating) can be an early indicator for medical issues, so it's always worth looking into.
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