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I agree. Just to add a little more detail:
1. Roughly 100 - 150mg [each] of EPA & EHA per 10lbs of weight of your dog. Human quality is good.
2. If the dog gets a good diet with some protein from meat sources, he should get adequate Omega-6.
3. Plant-based Omega-3 is short chain. Animal-based is long chain, which is what dogs and people need. People can convert short chain to long chain. I don't know about a dog's metabolism for the conversion.
4. I agree about pancreatitis and fat. But, I don't know if Omega-3 will contribute to pancreatitis?
5. Any animal source of long chain Omega-3 should be OK, but manufacturer purity to remove pollutants and mercury vary a lot. Personally, I use Dr. Sears Zone OmegaRX2, which is highly refined and very expensive.

However, I did use butter oil and Omega-3 supplements when I first got my rescue. I stopped, b/c my dog started to lick himself ... possibly due to mild diarrhea or clogged anal glands. Licking stopped immediately when I stopped dosing. I switched to food with Omega-3 and that seems fine. With the switched food, his coat shines and his energy increased. I could probably do more.

As someone else suggested, a little pasture-fed beef, lamb, or chicken as a daily topper on your dog's food may provide adequate Omega-3 supplement.
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