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He tried to pee on me!!

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What's THAT about?? :mad:

When we go for walks I will randomly stop, so we can practice them automatically sitting.

So we are on our walk today, walking along nicely, enjoying the weather, dogs are being good, and I stop. Kaya sits. Charlie just stands there looking around. I say, "Charlie, sit." He still just stands there, moves around a little bit, doesn't sit. I again say, "Charlie, sit!" He turns around, lifts his leg, and tries to pee on my leg!!

Luckily I jumped back in time so I didn't get hit, but what the heck?!? Why would he pee on my leg? I don't think he actually needed to go. He has never done anything like this before. I haven't been around any other dogs today so I don't htink I smelled any different.

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Our rat terrier did this to my hubby once when we took him to doggie daycare not long after we got him. He also *tried* one other time when we were in our first obedience class. Both times, there were other dogs around and we hadn't had him long. So we're pretty sure this was his way of marking his "territory."

He's never tried it since, now that he's more clear about his place in the pack. Have you had Charlie long? If not, maybe he's just unclear about the order of things. If so, perhaps a quick refresher in NILIF would be in order. I really wouldn't worry too much about it, though, unless it starts to become a habit or other behavioral problems appear.

Don't you just sometimes wish you could ask them what in the heck is going on in those brains of theirs?
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