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He tried to pee on me!!

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What's THAT about?? :mad:

When we go for walks I will randomly stop, so we can practice them automatically sitting.

So we are on our walk today, walking along nicely, enjoying the weather, dogs are being good, and I stop. Kaya sits. Charlie just stands there looking around. I say, "Charlie, sit." He still just stands there, moves around a little bit, doesn't sit. I again say, "Charlie, sit!" He turns around, lifts his leg, and tries to pee on my leg!!

Luckily I jumped back in time so I didn't get hit, but what the heck?!? Why would he pee on my leg? I don't think he actually needed to go. He has never done anything like this before. I haven't been around any other dogs today so I don't htink I smelled any different.

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Maybe he sensed other dogs in the area...and just wanted to put a sign:

"This one's mine!"
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