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He peed in his sleep?!

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I just got off the phone with my fiance, who isn't the best at keeping up with the care of our two dogs. I called because Faolan just had an accident in the house after my fiance claimed he had taken the dogs out "recently", which I assumed to be sometime in the past hour. He told me he had taken them out around 5:30, but that Faolan had peed in his sleep before that. I found this to be very strange, because Faolan is normally good about letting us know when he needs to go potty and we take them out every 3-4 hours at least when we're home anyways. He had been at the dog park today and drank a lot of water, so maybe he just has to pee a lot more than normal because of that? But...peeing in his sleep!? That's what is making me concerned. Should I be? Could he be developing some sort of health problem?
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If you don't exactly trust that your fiance did indeed let him out, and you know he'd had a lot of water during the day, I don't know that I'd stress one accident too horribly much. Did you see that he had awoken in it or was sleeping in it? Or was he just near it? Just getting at whether or not perhaps he had woken up without anyone noticing and peed before going back to sleep. In any case, based on your comments regarding your fiance, I wouldn't worry much unless it happens again. Could be kidney or urinary tract issues.
No, this is two separate accidents. I called him about one the happened just after I got home when my fiancé said e had just taken the dogs out an hour before. Hike on the phone about that accident, he told me that he had pred in his sleep two hours ago. He says that he had woken up but was still laying down. My fiance turned at the spin of the pee hiring the floor so he isn't sure if Faolan woke up and then peed or woke up because he was peeing. Either way, he didnt bother to get up, he just layed there and peed. Does that make it more clear?
Ok my fiance said that his pee was clear. I don't know why he decided this was an unimportant detail, but to me this says he was probably just over-hydrated. Sound about right?
If he was really tired from the dog park and had drank a lot of water, he might just have been too sound asleep to get the "notice" from his bladder. He's still young right?

i wouldn't worry about 1 day, but if he has more accidents, I'd get him checked for a UTI.
He turns a year old tomorrow so yeah, still young. I think it was probably as you said, he was just too sound asleep to realize he had to go. I just worry too much! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on him though.
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