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Having ADHD and adopting a dog who thinks she has it too lol

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I have ADHD(Predominantly inattentive) or in other words you would never guess I had ADHD since I can sit still perfectly fine. Finally after being diagnosed I've stopped using drugs and in the 4 years since I was diagnosed I've had a better life than all the years before put together :D!

About 8 months ago I adopted a dog from a shelter (border-collie x staffie)(a stray). The card on her pen said she was a very hyperactive dog... but strangely she was at the back of the pen in the dark and almost invisible except for her face looking out intensely. She was the ONLY dog not barking at me or following my every move.
I asked to meet her in the exercise yard. For a looong time she ran around doing her own thing. Eventually she came up to where we sat and could not get enough pats or treats XD.

There was no question in my mind I HAD to adopt her and it's the best decision I've ever made. She surprises me every day with something new with her unique personality and almost creepy intuitive learning style.
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Congrats on getting your life together and adopting a dog!

BC's are incredibly intelligent dogs, I'm not too surprised she's learning well. As for a hyperactive 8 month old, um, isn't that pretty much the definition of an 8 month old puppy? :laugh:
Pretty much :p especially for her breed. She gets plenty of exercise 5-10km twice a day!
Congratulations on everything you have accomplished and thank you for rescuing! Looking forward to pics! :)
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