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Have you ever heard of Exclusive or Blackwoods dog food?

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These two are avab. at my local feed store. I was looking for input.
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Do you have an ingredient list or link to websites?
Exclusive has corn and corn gluten, which shouldn't be a problem unless one of your dogs is allergic/sensitive, but it is a potential issue to look out for. Otherwise they both mostly look pretty good (depending on the formula), and are worth a try. It's always nice to be able to buy it locally.
I was told Blackwood was a local company for me so I kinda like that.
I remember feeding Blackwoods quite a few years ago when you could only order from them. I didn't know they had grain free now!
Ok I called Blackwoods and spoke to them. I love the customer service I must say. They are not a company in SC they actually are in Ohio and they only produce Blackwoods products. The type I wanted was grain,soy free and so the lady called my local retailer to see if they had it and if not would they be willing to order it for me. I think I will be going today to get a bag to try.
I checked out Blackwoods & it looks awesome! Let us know how it is :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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