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Have I screwed up my pup?!

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Hi guys! First off, appreciate your insight as I'm a first time owner. Yesterday my 1.5 year old dog peed in the house, something she hasn't done since just after we adopted her 6 months ago. The thing is, it was totally our fault. It was a really crazy day and there was a misunderstanding- I thought my husband took her out and he thought that I did. I brought home her favourite treat that evening and she sat by the cupboard in the hall whining for an hour, which she totally will do if she knows that the treats are in there so I just ignored her. I briefly consisted that she wanted to go out but looking at the clock I thought she had just been out 2 hours ago. And then...She peed. We realized immediately what had happened so I calmly took her outside while my husband cleaned up. I feel absolutely terrible, like I completely betrayed my poor pup because she tried to tell me and I ignored her. I'm wondering if she is going to be set back by this? Have I messed her up or broken her trust in some way?
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She'll be fine!

That being said, personally, if my dog is at the door even if she was out 2 hours earlier, I let her out.
Thank you for your reply! I'm probably being overly worried about it. I should have just taken her out like you said. She has bad habit of whining to go out just to hang out outside though so we try not to give in until around the time when she is supposed to go, you know? Especially since it was raining and she would have just turned right around to go back in, haha.
I agree, she should be fine. Both the girls I have now have had accidents that were my fault, and neither one of them has made a habit out of peeing in the house. I tend to take min out whenever they ask, even if they were just out, because I don't want accidents, and the GSD tends to get distracted and forget she needs to potty.
No, I doubt it. She'll be fine! If it happens consistently she may, but one accident isn't going to be traumatic, especially since you stayed calm.
She will be fine! Accidents happen. Like FrancL said, if someone is by the door, out the go. We have a 12yr old dog who has ALWAYS been a dog who, if you miss his signals, will pee in the house. My husband took all three out last night at 9pm; at 10pm he went to get ready for bed. While he was, the old dog peed by the door. Husbands fault.
My parents ignore my dog when he sits by the door to go out - so he poops/pees often when they are the only ones looking after him. However, when my sister and I are home, he never has an accident. Not ideal, but it is what it is. Your pup will be fine!
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