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Have entered a competition to raise funds for a dog charity.

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I'm just wanting to ask the Forum Administrator permission to post a link.

I've entered this competition called Sunsuper Dreams to try and raise funds of $ 5000 for the charity of my choice and wanting to know if I can find other Dog Lovers to help me.

I've been following this one family (an english family) overseas for awhile now, and they help abused dogs and cats on the streets and rescue them. They managed to purchase a beaten down old building but the roof is extremely dangerous and last winter it nearly collapsed on the humans/animals inside.

I'll post what I have as my dream on the Sunsuper Dream Website.

My dream is to provide funding towards renovating a shelter in Bulgaria for abused street dogs and cats at Rudozem Street Dog Rescue.

The last 3 years I have watched and supported english family Diane & Tony Rowles and their children go from feeding dogs and cats in the streets, to rescuing them and taking them home. These animals living in the streets are kicked, shot and spat on and are treated like vermin and more and more animals are being dumped on the streets with more breeding out of control.

I've watched this family go through so many trials, watched them cry and fight against a corrupt government putting obstacles against them starting a shelter, watched them achieve registration of a foundation in 2009, and laugh and smile when seeing a dog rescued and safe.

This charity has now found 250 dogs and cats homes in other countries.

In 2010, RSDR managed to purchase a beaten down old building on a block of land but this building is extremely dangerous and needs the roof to be renovated.

$ 5000 would go towards renovating one section of the roof, that is badly needed before next winter.

Just this past winter, the roof was in danger of collapsing due to the heavy snow, and all 130 dogs and cats and humans inside were in danger. Please this money is vital to help getting the roof fixed before the next winter, to ensure their safety.

With a shelter, RSDR eventually can start a spay/neuter programme to reduce the population and save many more animals in Bulgaria on the streets from dying in the winter months.

Also wanting to know if I could have permission to show this video documentary I edited of the charity I am helping. Thank you.
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