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Oh, Lord. I totally relate. After I adopted my dog (after waiting FOUR years for the right time, place, etc.) I experienced so much anxiety that I lost 10 pounds in 7 days. After the first day I realized that the adjustments to our life were way beyond what I anticipated and I wasn't sure I was ready for it after all. So yes, totally normal. To try to answer your questions:

1) I'm not sure the time frame. All I know is that we adopted her on 6/10/14 and on 6/13/14 I set a deadline of 6/30/14 to either feel better about it or rehome her. I don't know when it happened but I know by 6/30/14 there was no way I was giving her up. I don't know how serious I was about the deadline, but setting one helped me mentally cope with the stress.

2) I don't know how old our dog is. She was guesstimated to be between 6-12 mos old by the shelter so she is around 10-16 mos old now. I haven't noticed that she has gotten worse. More of her personality has emerged and I am better and understanding her and who she is, her strengths and challenges. Some days are more challenging that others. For instance, one day two weeks ago she was just perfect. Walked well on the leash, waited patiently by the door without me asking, laid down for dinner before I asked. It was weird. Then just on Tuesday, she was bouncing off the walls like I've never experienced. Most days are a mix of both of those experiences and I fully anticipate improvement as she matures.

3) Never. For us. One of her challenges is prey drive, which I didn't learn about until after I adopted her. We have two cats and while we can manage the situation, we'll probably never be able to leave her alone with them. That's OK though. We can work with that. Half of the house is totally off-limits to her. Hubby works from home and she sleeps most of the day. If hubby needs to go anywhere in the mornings, he crates her and she sleeps there. If it's later in the day, she goes into the yard and she digs and plays with her toys. She's happy and safe, and the cats are happy and safe. I think if we didn't have cats it would be OK to leave her. The first time I put her in the yard she was yelping like crazy as I drove away. I checked in with the neighbors about how she did. Not a peep after my car turned the corner.

All that to say, hang in there. I absolutely love my dog, but the first weeks were touch and go.
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