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So I was going to post this on a different thread that was about ghosts, but I couldn't find it... (I even used the search option, lol.)

Anyway, there's a place over here in South Florida where the "Devil's Tree" stands. For those of you who are not familiar with the story... you can look it up, cause I'm too lazy to write about it. :p
Last night, my brother, a few friends, and I all decided to take a trip to the Devil's Tree, located at Hammock Park (in case you're in the area and wanted to see it yourself, that is what the park is called.) The park is a really creepy place, as it is mostly trails. The woods are full of beautiful oak trees, but the Devil's tree is the most amazing. It's about 3-4 feet in diameter, I believe. Last night was a full moon, it was still dark on the trails though (thanks to the trees), it didn't help that we had to keep our flashlights off so we didn't disturb the neighbors that live in the area. That's right, we were walking on a trail through a haunted park in complete darkness. Very creepy. Probably the scariest place I've been to at night.
Anyhow, I have pictures. The pictures are pretty interesting, I haven't messed with them in any way (except to distort a face). You'll have to brighten up your monitor to see how weird the pictures are. Lots of "orb"-looking things.

Weird, huh?

So has anyone else been to what some people know as "Haunted" sites? Have any pictures you wanna share? Or stories? I'm pretty interested in this stuff now, lol.
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