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Hauns, Before and After. What A Change!

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We got Hauns in October and he has had health issue after health issue. Sometimes I thought maybe he would never improve. Finally we are on the right track! Here are pics from the day after we brought him home, compared to ones my sister and nieces took over the weekend. Sorry pic quality isn't the best but I am just loving how much my big baby is filling out and what a difference in his personality.

In this one he saw one of my sons walk away so he was watching him, too cute

Few more to come.....
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Another back view, he is tricky to take pictures of bc he is so glued to my side

One of the pictures I saw of him before we got to pick him up. Those eyes broke my heart

Ok done I think. Hope ya'll enjoy!
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Thanks Pepper. We still have a bit more weight to gain, some muscle to build up and he is doing the slow kill HW treatment. He isn't healthy yet but he is getting closer thank goodness, within the next 6 months he might even be able to get neutered lol

I cried when I compared the before and after pics for the first time. I knew he was malnourished but seeing the difference just puts it into perspective I guess.

Hauns is an awesome baby. He adores my kids, everyone's dogs and is so well behaved at Petsmart and in public. It still bothers me knowing how horribly he was treated. I take comfort in knowing he will never deal with anything like that again but I despise his old owners with a passion.
Thank ya'll. I think he is gorgeous but I'm a tad bit biased ;)

Hopefully I can post more soon, we are in the process of moving. Between packing, kids, animals it's nutty around here. I love to show off my babies though.

Honestly I'm not sure how much he has gained. I am hoping to get him into the vet to be weighed sometime this week. We sure can't lift him and stand on a normal scale anymore. When he came home he was a bit over 130lbs, my guess would be at least 150 now, hopefully more.

Hauns and Deacon get along great. It's been really neat to watch how protective Hauns gets over Deacon. When they had to get skin scrapings the last time, Hauns did not like hearing Deacon cry. He tried to push the tech away with his head and body.

They play and wrestle and have a tendency to rearrange my furniture lol It's loud and scares guests sometimes but then again the drool scares people off too :p

Before Hauns I have to admit I didn't like the brindle coloring on most dogs. Now I *love* it.

I will do my best to give a current weight and some better pics. Like ones that aren't taken in the dark haha.
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He is gorgeous...awesome work taking care of him.... What kind of dog is he ? and how old is he ?
Hauns is an English Mastiff, our best guess on age is between 5yrs and 7yrs. He has been neglected for so long it's really hard to tell what is due to age and what is due to malnutrition. These days with all his energy I wonder if he isn't closer to 5yrs. There are times he can wear out my almost 1yr old EM, Deacon lol

SDO I have some pics of Deacon and Hauns playing. I will try to get them uploaded later today and post. Deacon is getting huge. He has lots of filling out to do but he is about 32 inches at the shoulder and losing his puppy face. I still look at him and think he is my tiny baby. He thinks he is too. He will climb in my lap and go belly up :eek: lol
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