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Hey guys!

I have a question,
Does my puppy have weak pasterns?

Here’s a picture I took today, a few months ago a vet told me my dog has weak pasterns and that she will become disabled in the future. This has obviously gave me a scare so I’ve been trying my hardest to help improve them with what she has said to do.
Supplements in food, walking on uneven surfaces, going up steep hills, did do hydrotherapy though haven’t for about a month or two due to her coming into season then not being able to get over.
After doing more research I’ve been hearing how it isn’t too much of an issue etc, from what I can see neither of her parent have this issue, or her gran so I’m unsure where in her bloodline it would of been passed down from, or if it’s a dietary issue. (I’ve heard it could be either of these things)

so.. back to the question, is she weak on her Pasterns? And if so, what can I do to help that’s worked for other people? I know it won’t be an easy fix if fixable at all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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