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Has anyone tried treadmills?

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Ceasar Milan recommends exercising active dogs on a treadmill... has anyone attempted this?
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We have a large yellow lab and I can't get him to walk/run on the treadmill, I have tried and he always jumps off, my husband thinks you have to have it running and then put him on but nothing works, I have tried with the lead etc so I am interested to hear HOW you got the dog to get on the moving treadmill and actually walk or run. I have had multiple spine surgeries so some days are just not good for me to do long walks so I thought this would be a good alternative. Any advice would be helpful.
Yeah that would be nice but we have no parks anywhere here we live on farm so have unlimited places to walk my main concern is my body and the inability to walk as often as the dog needs I just thought the treadmill might be helpful
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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