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Has anyone tried this housebreaking method?

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I saw this mentioned in passing on another web site and realized that it's basically what I did with a terrier I once had many moons ago. Back then I was working 3rd shift and was working multiple 12 hour shifts in a row. I did not have time during the day to let a dog outside. When you've just worked 3 12's in a row and you've got 8 hours before 12 hour shift #4 you want to spend as much of that 8 hours sleeping as you possibly can. It was 20 degrees outside so I couldn't put the dog outside and leave him as that would be cruel by any definition. I put the dog in his crate, took the crate door off and pushed it up to the dog door which I left unlatched. When the dog had to go, he wouldn't want to go in his crate so he would walk out the dog door and do his business out there. Essentially, he kind of house trained himself as he developed the habit of heading out the dog door when he needed to pee.
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This has nothing to do with potty training, but...

When I asked my two fire-fighter brothers what would be the best way to ensure dogs were safe if a fire started and they were home alone - they both said almost the same thing.

If they were in a crate they basically had no chance of saving themselves and a FF might not even notice the crate as it's so dark in all the smoke they can barely see anything (they hadn't even heard of those little window stickers and probably wouldn't notice them if they had).

If the dogs were running loose in the house they might just hide and not be found. They both said the ideal would be to have a crate attached to a doggie door so they could let themselves out during an emergency - into a fenced in yard or enclosure of course. Oh, and an alarm with the owners recorded voice giving them the command to go out the doggie door. And, if you didn't want the dog going in and out other than an emergency they thought if somehow the doggie door would activate when the alarm went off Anyway, it turned into a big "what would you invent" contest. lol

Just rambling. :)
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