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Has anyone here ever read/used Ruff Love?

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I know it's a controversial book and I've heard it's harsh, but I've never personally read it. I'm considering picking it up in the hopes that I can use some of the ideas with Willow (not sure if I would be able to carry out the concept 100% because I hear it's very difficult for both dog and owner). That said, I've loved every other book/DVD I've gotten by Susan Garrett.

So, has anyone here ever read it, and what did you think?

And, if any of you have ever followed the program and came out on the other side, did you see improvement in your dog?

Thanks for any info, it's greatly appreciated. :)
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I actually think it's worth a read, but I think it's overkill for most dogs. I read it when Lizzie was a puppy becuase there was some concern about resource guarding tendencies, although I ended up not using it. I *do* think it's a good management system for dogs who have bitten previously, especially in the interval between realizing you have a problem and finding an appropriate trainer or behaviorist to work with.
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