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Has Anyone Found Spaying to Help with Resource Guarding

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I have two female dogs aged 2 and 3 years. The 3 year old learned to resource guard against other dogs in her previous house and although she has gotten a lot better, she still guards occasionally. I am on the fence about spaying her as she is of an age that I feel she should be done with growing and such. I'm doing a list of reasons why and why not and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with spaying ending resource guarding or if there is any scientific studies that have been done on this. I saw someone on a different post say he spayed one dog to make sure fights didn't break out when he was gone.
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Spaying/Neutering is a guarantee of nothing except that the dog cannot reproduce, and that females cannot get pyometra. Some owners will report behavior changes, but really you won't know what exactly those behavior changes will be or if there will be behavior changes at all.

Resource guarding is likely genetic, so other than keeping items the dog likes to guard out of reach and training for alternative behaviors, there is nothing medically that can be done.
Thank you Lillith! I guess it was just wishful hoping.
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