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Hello all,

First, my thanks to the community here at dogfourms.com, there is an astounding wealth of information here, its been a great resource for me. I've been more a lurker around here, but hope to contribute to contribute more regularly.

I would like to discuss a new food that I've been feeding my terrier for about 4 months now, its called Tuscan Natural. It popped up one day at the feed store that I regular, and came highly recommended by staff that I've befriended over the years. I was already on the look-out for an alternative to California Natural, due to the recent Proctor and Gamble buy-out, which I am not comfortable with.

Anyway, since day one of the switch, everything has been going great. She seems to have increased energy, a better coat, solid stool....really, all the signs of an overall healthier dog. I'm currently feeding her the grain-free "Carne" flavor.

I'd like to know if anyone else has tried this food, or heard of it. I am unsure exactly how new, or widely available it is. Any opinions or insight would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone has a great weekend!
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