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We participated in the animal lab's cognition study yesterday and it was very interesting! It was about an hour long, run by a PhD student. They will be testing over 100 dogs on their perception skills, and they videotaped it and will publish it. I was so excited to have Chloe help out, as their responses have been mainly from medium/large breed dogs, so I was happy that a Pug got to represent too! She only got 5 questions wrong in the hour long testing.:)

I'll try to explain it - they used two trash cans with a treat in one. There was a wooden bar in the middle so she could only go right or left. The researcher would place a treat in one can, and step back checking if she chose the right one. In the second phase, they put pictures on the cans (triangle, square) and showed Chloe the treat went into the square can. The placed both cans out to see if she chose correctly (she did!). The third phase was food recognition pictures. They hid which the treat went in (but always the food pic can). So, for example, one can would have a steak on it and the other a hammer. She got every one right! There was a hot dog, bones, steak and chicken. It was really funny!

The fourth phase she didn't do so well, and they explained most dogs didn't. Researcher would look at a can and smile, then frown at the other can. They wanted to see if the dogs would choose the one associated with a happy thing. Next, they would place a treat in a can and point to it and smile. This totally confused Chloe and she just walked up and waited for a treat! She got 1 of 5 of those right which was their assumption.

The researcher was great, and very impressed with Chloe. She couldn't believe she was only 1 1/2 years old, and she said she was very smart!! So that made me feel good. Congrats to Chloe!! I can't wait to read the study & will keep you guys updated on it.

Here I am with the research student:

And my mom insisted on this pic as she finally has a family member who went to Harvard!! Me, my daughter, my mom & Chloe:
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