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That has been Bella's favoritist of favorite balls ever. Always got them at WallyWorld for like $7.00.

They had none when I was there last week. One of the only reasons I put myself through the WW torture.

So I think, "okay....I'm sure Amazon has them...probably cheaper."

Look it up and it says $21.95 (or something) - I'm thinking....okay - for how many?! It's for ONE stupid ball!!

Check other places online - same price! WTH? Walmart online offers them for $6.79 or something - but "out of stock"

Oh no! Poor BellaBoo! The stuffing is gone out of the one she has (she doesn't seem to mind...she actually seems to like shaking it around so she can smack herself in the face several times.) But I am NOT paying $20+ for a dang stuffed ball (plus shipping).

If anyone else finds these things for under $10 - please let me know!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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