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I was wondering if anyone has tried this harness for their dogs. If so did you or do you like it. I'm thinking about getting one for Cricket but I want to get some feedback first if possible.

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I have not had that harness, but just some thoughts. It looks like it is adjustable and may attach by velcor. For a small dog that makes it easy and fast to put it on and off. My dogs would pull, even after trying to train them not to, main reason was the flexie leash. Should have never used it in the first place. My main point is this, after buying a no pull leash, it worked great until one day my dog refused to walk, so after a gentle tug, the whole leash came off the dog:eek: Was I ever surprised, and when you think about it was made to stop pulling, not for you to pull. Sorry I cannot be more helpful!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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