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Harness/Collar advice needed

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Hello all!

I just got my first puppy since I was a kid and am totally in love with her. She's better behaved than I was expecting and has been settling in very well. However, we've come across one problem. She can slip out of any harness that's put on her regardless if it's done up to the point of almost being too tight.
So I was wondering what I could use for her that she can't slip out of?

She doesn't try to get out of it when going for a walk or anything. Only when I leave her tied on the dog run I have for her does she somehow magically get out of it. Also, she's only ever been tied up for a few minutes while I was going back and forth from the house to the car or checking on the animals. Yet if I'm holding the leash, she's totally fine and doesn't try to get out at all.

Any tips and advice regarding this would be appreciated :)

Pup is 3 months old, norweighen elkhound border collie cross, female, and I just named her Kira.
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Have you tried a harness with a third strap, like the Ruffwear Webmaster? There's others with this design, but that's the one I know has a good reputation. The third belly strap behind the ribs makes it much harder to back out of. If you want a lighter weight design, I know a lot of the escape-proof harnesses designed for greyhounds and other sighthounds also use the triple strap design, so if you can find someone making those in your pup's size they may be worth checking out.

Martingales are also very good for preventing lead slipping, but I personally wouldn't be super comfortable leaving a dog tied to a run with any collar, especially when she has a habit of fighting to get loose. But it's absolutely up to you - I can be on the anxious side and there's a lot of things I wouldn't risk that many people do all the time and are totally fine, haha, so take that for what you will!
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