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Happy Easter!!! everyone....

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from the TirCeo clan....

none of the ears are strapped on them...just simple headbands...
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i'm going to report you for animal abuse lol im joking. they are cute (even if its aginst there will lol).
actually, i'm not sure how much "against their will" it really is....i sat them down, put the ears on, readjusted Tir's (not looking) and took 4 pics in a row.....i think they actually enjoy it :D:D:rolleyes:

thanx all....they are special pups to me...
LOL I know how they feel. Did you ever see "The Christmas Story?" LOL
nope, i'm probably one of the few people that has never seen that movie....:rolleyes:

trentap, no, i knew you were kidding and knew i didn't force them (could you really "force" them to sit there like that?:rolleyes:)....w/ your Schnauzer, try treat, treat, treat w/ something the least annoying.....

you can even see how Titch has had enuff of the bunny ears (hey, would i have to call these guys "Bunny Collies" now?:D)

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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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