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Happy Easter!!! everyone....

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from the TirCeo clan....

none of the ears are strapped on them...just simple headbands...
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i'm going to report you for animal abuse lol im joking. they are cute (even if its aginst there will lol).
sorry if it sounded like i was saying you forced your dog to do that. i wasnt i can tell you love them and they love you. they are very sweet and beautiful dogs. in fact i wish my mini schnauzer would let me put somthing on him to make him look funny. but he just knocks it off lol. he's still my sweet baby boy though no matter wat lol
you know what i think its time i got another dog for my mini schnauzer. he probly wonts another dog to play with. i've never had a border collie but i've always heard they make awsome dogs, and are very loyal (plus there really pretty dogs). but i was wanting to ask if they are good with smaller dogs? and smaller children?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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