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Happy Birthday, Ladies.

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Kylie turned *six* on the 16th. Molly turns 4 on Tuesday.

Yeah, Kylie's impressed.


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What? No. Molly is 4!!?? That can't be. No way. For some reason that is way more shocking to me than Kylie being 6?

Either way... Happy Birthday ladies!
I'm actually more rattled about her being four, too. Like I had to check like three times. She's the baby dog! And four is like Dog-Dog.

But yeah. First post in her photo thread as a tiny baby was July 15, 2014.

Happy Birthday girls!
Beautiful pictures, absolutely love the nose behind the flower one.
Happy Birthday pretty girls! I swear time just flies.
Wow I can't believe 4 either! And I thought Kylie was older for some reason.

Happy birthday :)
Thanks, guys. They're good girls.

Time really does need to stop now, though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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