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My sweetie turns one year old today, and since she doesn’t understand the concept of a birthday, I thought I’d honor the occasion by bragging shamelessly about her. She deserves it, though. Sorry it got ridiculously long.

Kit is my first dog ever (including growing up) and I've had her for 5 months now. I saw her on petfinder (those BC eyes melted me) and adopted her from a tiny shelter where she was dumped by two sets of previous owners. People ask all the time about her breeds, and my best guess is border collie X pointer.

When I got her, Kit was a wild dog - no other words to describe her. She knew sit (sort of), but her biggest issue was jumping on people. I had to wear all black around her for the first month to prevent her from ruining every article of clothing I owned. I wish I had known about this forum then, cause it would have been a huge help. After a couple of weeks of craziness I decided I needed some professional help, and we enrolled in a basic obedience class. Honestly, this was the best investment I've ever made in my dog. Other than her excitability, though, she was very sweet.

Kit has come an awfully long way in 5 short months. She has gone from slightly overweight (vet's opinion) to lean and muscular. With the help of clicker training, she's learned so many commands it's amazing. We actually get compliments on her behavior now. Her two great loves in life are food and attention, and most of the time she can't decide which is better. She follows me everywhere. She thinks giving belly rubs is my purpose in life and she gives kisses whenever she sees an opportunity, including while I'm trying to sleep. She loves everyone she meets, human and canine alike. She thinks bath time, teeth brushing, and nail trimming are fun. She loves flyball and frisbee and is getting pretty good at both. We'll try agility at some point down the road, too, and I bet she'll love it. No, she's not perfect yet - we have occasional lapses in leash pulling, greeting behavior, trash-tipping, and general impatience. But her progress is continuous and that's what counts.

I know I lucked out with this one, big time. Kit has exceeded all of my expectations I love her beyond words.

So happy first birthday, sweetie, and here’s to many more years together!!! There will never be another you.


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