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Hangin' with some pups?

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Hi there - bit of an odd question for you all.

Do any breeders offer the chance for people to come and spend time with puppies/their collection of dogs for a fee?

To give a bit of context, my girlfriend's bday is coming up - we both love dogs and I'm trying to find something nice we
could do involving some friendly dogs! She's a massive fan of corgi's particularly. I'm aware of a couple of dog cafes in
the UK but they're mostly a little too far from us.

So I'm just wondering if there's another way I can arrange for us to spend some time with some friendly dogs (in a dream
world, a few corgis) on her birthday, it would make her really happy. Any suggestions much appreciated!


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You could contact breeders within your range to see if they would welcome you on this basis.

You can always ask. Worst that will happen is the breeder will say, "No."
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