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Hair Shedding and grooming

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HI, I will be getting a puppy this Saturday, she is a german shepherd mix. I want to know if I comb her once or twice a day, will there still be a lot of hair that comes off of her or very very very VERY little? lol. I bought the furbuster grooming comb from walmart which I guess is like the furminator, so hopefully this will make it easier to groom her.
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lol thanks for all the replies..... yeah I can't stand dog hair all over the house:p My in-laws have two chihuahua's, one long haired and one short and they shed a lot of hair:mad: Well she does have some long fuzzy looking hair and she does have the colors of a GSD so I'm guessing I am in for a treat lol. Oh and do any of those shed control shampoo's actually work?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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