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Hair Shedding and grooming

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HI, I will be getting a puppy this Saturday, she is a german shepherd mix. I want to know if I comb her once or twice a day, will there still be a lot of hair that comes off of her or very very very VERY little? lol. I bought the furbuster grooming comb from walmart which I guess is like the furminator, so hopefully this will make it easier to groom her.
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Congratulations on your soon to be new addition! There will be an abundance of shedding as the puppy matures into adult coat.For the next several months you won't have to worry. Using a brush or comb now will help in the future when it really serves a purpose. Play with the feet(security in doing nail) and touch the face(teeth cleaning). Talk to people regarding puppy socialization classes as all of this will make home grooming easier for you when the time comes.
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