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had fun taking these the other day... :)

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Cooper had a friend over to play the other day (TJ, a Boston Terrier) and they were lounging in the sunny spot in the living room. :)

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couple more-

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They look so much alike for being totally different breeds! I know, they are long lost siblings! Very cute pictures.
I love your boxer!!! So handsome!!

And I agree with alpha, it's weird how alike they look.
It is funny isn't it? I always say they are "brothers from another mother" haha... or I say TJ is Cooper's "mini me". They love each other and have so many of the same characteristics it is crazy... :)
Those are absolutely gorgeous photos!! And SUCH gorgeous dogs, both of them! 2 of my fav breeds!
It is very funny how much they look alike! I suppose it's the way they're posed in each of the photos, but you can't even notice much of a size difference in the 2 of them.
Awesome photos K8IE!!

Cooper most definetly has a mini me there.
Oh my lord...teh cuteness!!!
The pug looks like Cooper's "Mini me!!"

LOL very cute!
Cooper!!! Yay...he's so gorgeous. I love these photos...his buddy looks so cute as well. I love the one of them laying down parallel to each other.

Great shots!
Great photos! I especially love the second pics in both the posts.
Beautiful photos! (and what a gorgeous boxer)! Thanks for posting!
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