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Guess the breed(s) Super Cute!

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After the beagle fiasco we decided to check out our local humane society again still trying to find a good 3rd dog that would be a great fit for our family.

"Levi" has been at the shelter for a long time. We had looked at him before but for some reason he didn't "click" with us until yesterday. We took him out and brought him home for a trial run and so far, all the boys get along great!

Dug, my golden absolutely loves him! I think he's just happy to have someone to play with as Tee is getting older and doesn't like to rough house as much.

Levi, who my son has started calling "Joe" ( I have no idea why, lol) is a pretty happy dog. We have mastered a sit and he even started playing fetch with the boys this morning.

This is your typical mixed "mutt" The shelter called him a minny aussie, but I'm thinking: maybe aussie, husky, and corgi.

Any thoughts?? Judging by his teeth, I'm guessing he is 6-8 months old. He weighs about 23 pounds.

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed Dog

Mammal Dog Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Gotta include a pic of my Heart Dog... lol :)
Mammal Dog Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed
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What a stunning dog!

I wouldn't even want to begin a guess with this one, but want to say I'm glad he looks to be fitting in. :)

He is beautiful! My guess is Chow x ACD....along with maybe a Spitz thrown in for good measure.
Border collie mixed with something else - maybe husky?
Interesting... I googled Spitz, which led me to the Swedish Lapphund and that sure looks like Joe! He has a super fluffy tail that curls over his back and his face/eyes resemble the Spitz as well.

Thanks! Now off to research the breed....
Not sure about the breed ... but he sure is a handsome one!!! :) ... So is your Heart Dog!
He looks like a bi-black sheltie except for his face, so I'll guess sheltie or border collie with some kind of spaniel, or maybe chow? He's a very pretty boy.
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