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Guess the Breed/Mix

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This is my cousin's dog and I am challenging the users of DF to guess what breed/mix he is. He is four years old and that's all the info you get.
oh and I'm the one holding him and I am 5'5"

After enough people put down their guesses I will reveal the answer!
and the winner(s) get a free invisible cookie!! (woo hoo!)


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I'm guessing Lab/Retriever mix. Do I win? :D
I'm guessing you mean labrador retriever X golden retriever mix? nope thats not right
any guesses for a purebred? some of you are close
Nobodys got it yet and I think I might post the answer very soon just a couple more guesses
He is a purebred Labrador Retriever. His name is "Webshire's Runt Hunts it Up" Call named, Hunter. He is from Champion hunting lines. His sire is "NFC NAFC Five Star General Patton MH" and his dam is "FC AFC Webshire's Green Wing Teal MH"

and he is also trained in Hunting and is amazing, and should get hunting titles easily.

My cousin would like to know what your responce is to this new info.
Nice looking field Lab, but doesn't look to be in prime condition...since your cousin asked.
well it has just been a long winter so he might not be as toned as usual, but in the summer she does 3 miles a day jogs with him and he could keep going.
lol Ya I held his tail up I did that intentionaly to throw people off. but he does hold his tail up and curled slightly more like a harrier. If anyone has ever gone to the "Ducks Unlimited" fetivals you might have seen T-shirts with this boys daddy on them. his Sire is famous in the hunt trial world.
OK invisiable Cookies for everyone!
If you would like to see a couple videos of him here are the links he is the larger Lab the smaller one is his niece.


1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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