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Guess the Breed/Mix

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This is my cousin's dog and I am challenging the users of DF to guess what breed/mix he is. He is four years old and that's all the info you get.
oh and I'm the one holding him and I am 5'5"

After enough people put down their guesses I will reveal the answer!
and the winner(s) get a free invisible cookie!! (woo hoo!)


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I still think it is some kind of coonhound...maybe a rarer type that I don't know of..a Treeing Walker Hound or a Red Bone Coonhound, minus the red, lol!

Some said Plott Hound, I think they are brindle...not sure though. I don't see many Coonhounds around here. One Black and Tan, really nice dog!! love him! and a Red Bone Coonhound. He's HUGE...they are both HUGE, really!
A Harrier? I know, wrong color! lol

A Springer Spaniel and Foxhound ...I really want that invisible cookie...;)
No cookie!!! waaaaa! lol

I thought he had Lab IN him, but I didn't know he was purebred. oh well. I'm sure he can run all day and bring back the birdies!
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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