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Guess his breed(s)?

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We adopted Dunkin a little over a year ago. He was abandoned when we got him at about 12 weeks old and he is the most amazing little dude. And by little I mean he's a 75 pound lap dog. Anyhow we always like to hear what people think he is. We've heard it all... His behavior traits may help: When we throw a ball at the dog park he'll go off running for it with the other dogs, then he'll stop halfway out and just lay on his stomach. When one of the dogs comes back with it he'll jump up and go after them to get it from them, which usually turns into a hilarious tugging mach because he loves to play tug. He also likes to sit on our feet, laps, and generally any other part of us. Loves swimming. When his hair gets wet along his back it gets coarse and curly, almost like a Chesapeake. Loves people (even little ones) and any other dogs! Hardly ever barks (only when playing sometimes and at unknown visitors).

Lets hear those breeds! Thanks!!

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I’d say Lab and a bully breed if some sort. Maybe a tad of Pointer in there. Whatever the mix he is adorable
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