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Hey guys! So I just gotta 2 acre paddock for my
Horses that is about 3-4 miles down the road. I have 3 horses and there are a lot of dogs (owned by people) in that area. None have harmed my horses but I have witnessed a couple dogs get through my fence to check it out. And I did see one cattle dog chase my older mare around. I have also seen people come up the fence and try to pet the horses (but that’s easily fixable with a sign).
So here’s what I’m looking for. I need a dog that will patrol the paddock, basically. A guard dog that is ok with working alone. A dog that is ok living outside (with adequate shelter) with livestock. I thought about a Great Pyrenees or something similar. But I feel like 2 acres would bore them and The horses don’t need that much protection (although it would be a good enough reason to get some chickens or something).
I do visit the area twice daily to feed so I’ll be able to check on everybody.
I have 2 other dogs that patrol a different part of my farm. So I like the idea of a guard dog on duty.
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