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GSP sick at night. Over-feeding?

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Hi Guys,

We picked up our GSP puppy a few weeks ago and are keeping to the raw food diet he was on from birth. We have changed the variety, but it's basically the same mix of beef and lamb with liver and heart. He's 12 weeks old and growing fast currently a biscuit over 22lb/10kg.

We're feeding 4 times a day (6 / 10 / 2 / 6) with 250/280 Kcal each time. We also give him a couple of treat bits when he's done something good but that's less than 50 Kcals.

I'm a little concerned it's still not quite enough but my main concern is that he's been sick a couple of times this week since we've gone up the extra 100 Kcal fom last week. He's not looking fat and the wife is a little worried he's underwieght. Pictures are a little hard to take at the moment as he's still trying to eat the camera.

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.


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Sounds like a vet check is in order. Bring in a stool sample. Once he's cleared medically, you can move on to other possibilities, but it's likely the vet can offer you some solid advice.
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