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GSP carte training

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Hey there!
anyone has tip for me, I am trying to train carte my GSP. She’s 10 weeks old and we’ve had her for a month now. We started the crate training from the beginning and it was not so bad, 2 weeks it was going pretty well, as she were getting used to it and we try to crate her often short periods during the day so she knows how it works, we feed her in her crate also, but since a week it’s getting harder and harder to crate her.. she can cry for an hour straight. We never give attention when she’s in crate, and never let her out when she cries (except during the night because obviously she has to go pee..
Im just wandering if we are doing everything right! Any clue?
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Hey sim,
crate training is basically making the crate a safe and a favorite place for your dog, if she's crying in there day after day then something is not right, try luring her in using treats and toys she likes, don't rush it you want to start with just feeding her inside with the doors open and gradually increase the time she spends in there, the best time to crate a dog is after physical activities when she's low on energy. So playing and making some activities before she goes in would make her less likely to reject the crate since she's looking to relax.
Anyway if she's been doing fine in the crate then all of a sudden started hating it then you want to check for what set her off try and read this article it might be helpful on this particular point.
Ignoring the dog while crying in the crate is the right thing to do but not for an hour, if it takes more than 10 minutes you need to break her crying cycle and then take her out a bit and try again.
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