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Hey forum, whats up? This is my first time posting on here so please excuse any mistakes or forum faux pas.

As of today I have had my 10 week old GSD x Staffordshire Bull Terrier, "Albert", for 3 weeks. I am aware that he got separated from his mother perhaps a bit too early but that was not within my control. He has a little bit of anxiety but we are working on that. Hes a great little man.

Prior to having this ball of mischief introduced into my life, I had not heard nor seen (even photos) of this mix of breeds so I am unsure of how he is going to turn out. He has a desire to please and is eager to learn, or do pretty much anything and everything so I am not worried about his personality, at all.

THAT, however, is not what I am concerned, for lack of a better word, with. I think the word I am looking for is intrigued or interested.

I am curious as to how he is going to turn out visually. I lost the cord that connects my phone to my pc so unfortunately I only have a few photos that I can show you.

the first photo of Albert trying to look like a human (how silly of him) is the most recent and was taken last week. the other two were taken the best part of 10 - 14 days ago.

how do you think he is going to look?
will his ears prick up like a GSD?
will his head stay staffy like, or turn more towards GSD as he matures?
will he continue to grow upwards or will he stop and begin to fill out?
if it helps his Dad was the GSD and Mum the SBT.

I cannot stress enough that I do not care the slightest bit how he turns out (visually). It frustrates and angers me when owners get so caught up in their dogs appearance that they forget the true reason for getting a pet. I'm in this for the companion/friendship, not to look like a badass or scare people.

Let me know what you think.


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What a cute little guy!

Personalities of mixes can be anything from all one side or the other, or a mix of the two. SBTs and GSDs are very owner oriented, and GSDs are some of the most trainable dogs out there, so I'm not surprised he's eager to learn. (Just a warning, dogs do go through a teenager phase. Be prepared!)

You'll know if his ears will prick up by 5 months, I think. The rule with GSDs is that if they've pricked up at all before 5 months, they'll prick without assistance. I think he's pretty cute with forward flops though. (I'm partial, though, as you can see in my sig.)

Big dogs grow up until about 1 year, at which point they're all ears and legs until they start to fill out around 2. My GSDxGolden mix was 68lbs at 22 months. By 30 months, he weighed 90lbs and was not fat.

Anyway, stick around the board and share more of your cutey-pie with us!

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1. I will speculate that his ears won't prick... not based on any evidence.
2. His head and snout look more Staffy than GSD (BTW, I think that Staffy have large mouths but short teeth, and GSDs have longer wolf-looking teeth: the canines are longer.
3. I speculate that he'll be lanky from about 9 mos - 12 mos, then fill out for about a year or so.

Make sure that you do lots of Bite Inhibition, socialization with people and dogs, and other animals, take him on rides and shopping to get him used to lots of experiences... And after he's had all of his shots, you might try to get him into a training class... to help socialize him.

I think one of the best things you can do with a dog is to find him some playmates with the same energy so that they can wrestle and burn out all excess energy.

Looks like a great dog.

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OMG what a handsome little man! Just a guess based on what he looks like now, I think his head is going to look more staffy, the body shape, coat and coloring may be more GSD, but the body you really won't know until he fills out, but for sure looks like he's going to have more of the GSD coat/coloring and Staffy head.
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