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Gsd q

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is there a way to tell what type of GSD I have? he's a rescue dog, and they had no papers or information. i've had remarks from, is he mixed? to.. one guy i talked to said that he had a dog that looked like bismarck, and he said his dog was an east german shepherd.
is there any way to tell exactly what type he is?
i really doubt he's a mixed breed, as he's a pretty big guy, and i don't see any other type in him, unless i'm biased and just don't see it.


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I liked this link, it has a lot of information on the difference between the types.

It's hard to tell with your pictures since it's a front picture. Also, size is questionable, check out my thread about "your GSD is awfully small" Lol...
To be perfectly honest, he's probably from a BYB whose only established "line" is from a pedigree of other BYB dogs.

He's still a handsome devil and yours, and a nice dog :)

"Type" (style) of GSD refers just as much the lines of the dog as it does the style of a dog...more so the lines even.

I've seen east german dogs that actually look like AKC dogs (Paska Salztalblick comes to mind)!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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