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We have an almost 10week old maltipoo. He was very sweet when we brought him home - he only wanted to sleep near us or on us - it was ok first couple of days but we needed to make sure he is comfortable with crate and play pen. We received him at 8weeks old.
His behavior has now changed. I don’t know if it’s bc he is now using crate or bc he just feels more comfortable. He no longer just sits at our feet. He is all over the place. We had to crate him and follow a schedule ( which I found on here) bc he started to have accidents on our rug . He was so good the first week but now he will run grab his toys and take them to our rug - and run around and then stop and pee. He took us by surprise the first time he did this bc he had been doing well with potty training. We were enjoying having him lay by our side - on our rug even! Or just play with us . Now he won’t sit still at all!! And he is constantly biting ( or nipping and chewing) . I started to use crate during the day and now play pen so I can fold laundry or do chores etc. He screams when we use the play pen! It’s awful but we have been ignoring him until he quiets down.
I thought he has separation anxiety bc he would not sleep in crate during the day - he would just sit there. i bought Him a puppy with a heartbeat sound and also now cover his crate and he seems to be doing better. But the play pen - he still objects but it’s getting a little better. I want my children to be able to enjoy him but I told them he has to be kept in crate for naps and play pen for supervised play or outdoors bc he will go crazy in our house . He will just run and run and then pee .
Also - another concern is he will occasionally growl at me when we are outside. He will come for my ankles or pant legs . And growl if I try to pick him up . I don’t know if he is over tired or what?
he started to do this to my teen daughter. I do plan on getting a training class for him at some point, i am just worried he is scared of me now or angry bc he knows I am the one who puts him in crate. We were working on the command “come” and “sit”. He ignores me now when I say come - especially if he grabbed something to chew - he cowers down then runs away from me ( this is outside) and sit - which that one he is really good at and will immediately sit to get his treat - but once he gets his treat he is jumping all over us trying to bite etc. yes we have toys to redirect his attention- even a kong toy ( used it in crate only initially now using it in play pen only ).
is all of this normal? The biting and growling worries me. We got the puppy for our children - they have always wanted a puppy . Thought it would bring a little cheer to them during this pandemic. They don’t seem to mind to much and love him but I am am worried bc I don’t want a dog that just growls , runs away from us or runs wild in this house .
and I don’t want to use the play pen forever. We would love to snuggle with him or have him lay at our feet Calmly.
My 3 month cavapoo was/is like that. First few days she was quiet (because she was only 8weeks at the time) and she was just getting used to my condo. But u should engage her with other young puppies so they learn to socialized
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